Why are More People Flying Private in 2021?

There’s an undeniable trend that we’re seeing in the airline industry with more people choosing to fly private than ever before.  As the barriers to private flights come down and the industry innovates on its services – we’re likely to see this significant shift continue through 2021 and beyond.

And it’s not just from the stereotypical man in a suit.  A study from UK charter broker PrivateFly shared some interesting results showing that 37% of private jet clients are women.  The average age of a client was 41 years old.  14% of passengers were children under the age of 16 and 6% of flights included pets!  So private flights really are for everybody, despite what you might have thought.

In this article we’ll look at some of the key reasons why people are choosing to fly private and why you should perhaps be looking to do the same.

COVID-19 Protocols

The global pandemic that caused tremendous suffering across the world is still very much a part of the conversation and commercial travel remains one of the highest risk areas for person-to-person transmission.  Everything from the airport experience on both sides to the nature of being confined in a small space with plenty of strangers on the flight itself makes traditional commercial air travel a risk no matter how you look at it.

Private flights provide some much-needed risk mitigation by significantly limiting the amount of human contact and providing you with the autonomy to choose how your travel experience will be managed and handled.  This is absolutely invaluable when your health and the health of your family is at stake, and it’s one of the key reasons that private air travel has boomed in recent times.

Saves You Time

Our typical clients understand that time is that finite resource that we can’t get any more of and so have set up their lives to minimize any wasted time that could be used in service of their goals and objectives.  The typical commercial flight can suck up hours of additional time with the airport processes, the boarding and deboarding processes and the range of additional bottlenecks that come with travelling with large groups of people.

Those who fly private can eliminate most of that, often arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled departure and exiting the plane immediately on arrival.  This time saved adds up quickly and is of immense value to those who travel a lot.


More Direct Routes

Private flights are able to operate through many thousands more airports than traditional commercial jets and therefore you can often plan much more direct routes to get to where you’re going than is usually possible through the major airport network.  Instead of landing an hour away from the conference you’re attending and then trekking through the traffic to get there, you can land at a smaller airport that is much closer and take advantage of that precision to maximize your visit.  In addition, you aren’t restricted to those popular routes that commercial airlines fly on.  You can have full autonomy and flexibility when you fly private.


Many of our clients value their privacy and anonymity when they travel because of the public status they hold or the sensitive transactions they may be a part of.  A private flight can offer you the sort of privacy and respect for anonymity that you could never access when going through traditional commercial channels.  Instead of being bogged down and worrying about how you are being perceived, a private flight gives you peace of mind to know that you can travel without causing a stir and can maintain your privacy throughout.


Building on the point above, many of our clients fly private because they can be assured of world-class security throughout the whole process. For those who are high-profile and carry a security risk – this is tremendously important.  Maintaining adequate security when moving through commercial flights is not an ideal situation and can cause a lot of additional stress.  Flying private puts a lot of those concerns to rest especially if you fly with Farringdon Jets as we endeavour to provide the highest quality security services to our clients that money can buy.  This is the number one priority for many of our clients and it’s one of the key differentiators that has made private flights so popular in recent times.


Another benefit to private flights is that you can often make bookings and changes to itineraries on very short notice.  This flexibility is worth its weight in gold because it means that your schedule can be adjusted on a moment’s notice to adapt to whatever changing circumstances are imposing on your travel plans.  If you were with a commercial airline, you wouldn’t be able to make those sorts of changes without significant cost and administrative headaches, but private flights offer this as part of the package.  They are designed to serve you and you alone, giving you full autonomy and selection of routes, timing and experiences.

Comfort and Amenities

It’s undeniable that private flights can offer superior comfort and a wide range of amenities for their clients because they aren’t trying to provide for the masses.  Many clients choose private just for this reason – because the whole experience is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.  Private flights are able to deliver a level of service that just isn’t possible with commercial trips.

Those are just some of the reasons why more people are flying private in 2021 and beyond.  We’re excited to see where the industry goes in this regard and here at Farringdon Jets, we are passionate about showing people just how beneficial private flights can be.

We work with a wide range of clients who have different use-cases and reasons for choosing private – yet we pride ourselves on always delivering excellent service, professionalism and security at every step of the process.  If you’re going to be joining this new trend and looking to flying private in 2021, then we look forward to hearing from you.  We’d love to work with you.


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