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Service You Can Trust

Farringdon Jets provides luxury jets to clients around the world, and our dedicated team has over ten years of experience catering to the needs of HNWI and UHNWI.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and we strive to use our unrivalled knowledge and unwavering passion for the industry to exceed all expectations.


No matter whether you are seeking a luxury plane for business or pleasure, our mission is to ensure that our clients enjoy the very best flight experience possible. From the very initial moment you book your flight to reaching your destination, Farringdon Jets ensures that you will receive the care and attention that you deserve.

We also provide clients with a range of private security services to ensure they arrive at their destination swiftly and securely. These additional features are amongst one of the many reasons that Farringdon Jets is the go-to option for clients travelling with security top of mind.

Farringdon Jets & the Climate

Climate change, CO2 emissions and environmental sustainability have been hot topics across all industries in recent years, and private aviation is no exception. Green initiatives are at the forefront of many businesses, new and old. At Farringdon Jets, we do our utmost to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients on each trip and offset their carbon emissions. Empty legs and ferry flights are flights where aircraft need to be repositioned either back to base or for an onward journey. By proposing these otherwise empty flights as charter options and incorporating them into travel plans where possible, we provide clients the opportunity to travel greener and at a reduced cost.

Considering our emphasis on safety and security, we often select and offer our clients newer aircraft. As well as providing more safe and secure travel, using newer aircraft have ecological benefits as they are more efficient and can fly the same route with lower emissions. Our clients can also opt to fly with operators that only use sustainable aviation fuel, have sustainable alternatives onboard and invest in certified carbon credits. Private aviation is here to stay, the best we can do is try everything in our power to reduce our footprint.

Our clients’ satisfaction has always been our priority,

This is why we guarantee that you will never face any surprise charges. Unlike other private aviation firms, Farringdon Jets is entirely transparent, and the quote we provide is always the amount you pay.

So if you are seeking a high-quality private aviation firm that you can trust, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today.

Farringdon Jets

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