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Explore Snow-Capped Peaks and Rugged Valleys with a Luxury Snowmobile Trip

Imagine the view from hundreds of feet above a snow-covered mountain that you are minutes away from exploring by snowmobile. As a private jet or helicopter brings you to the next location of your luxury snowmobile trip, it might feel a bit unreal, but that’s exactly what we’re going for. Without the frustration of navigating flight delays or long connections, you will get ample time to do what you came to do – snowmobile.

Partnering with a premier provider of snowmobile tours allows us to curate personalized luxury vacation packages for adventure-seekers. We’ll take care of all the planning so all you have to do is prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

With a snowmobile trip, you’ll see views that only ever seemed real in your dreams, ones that can’t be seen by foot or from a car; only a snowmobile does the trick. Our luxury snowmobile tours can take you to the sloping mountains of Finland, the jagged peaks of Chile, and even the hidden routes of Lebanon. The trip itinerary is entirely up to you, but we’ll make sure every second is perfect.

Farringdon’s private jet charters and helicopter charters give our guests the opportunity to travel in style. Warm, top-notch transportation will ensure that your snowmobile trip leaves you feeling energized and free, instead of cold and tired. We take luxury very seriously and plan to make every second one to remember.

Wille Rajala, the expert guide for your snowmobile trip has grown up riding these machines, learning to respect the mountains and cultivating adventures with a safety-first approach. He has a deep respect for snow-covered mountains and valleys and will use his years of knowledge to cultivate safe, exciting snowmobile tours every time. If anyone knows the best places on this earth to explore by snowmobile, it’s Wille. With 30 years of experience and recognized as the only AIARE Pro motorized avalanche expert in Europe, Wille provides a worry-free experience that you will never forget.

Great for a group of friends who want to see the world, or wonderful as a corporate retreat if your teams are up for it, snowmobile tours can bring people together like never before. There’s truly nothing more magical than carving through a mountain, feeling like you’re floating on shimmering snow. It’s thrilling, breathtaking, and a reminder of how big the world around you is.

No matter how exciting of an adventure you’re seeking, your safety will always come first with our crew. With the highest quality snowmobiles money can buy, the best guides in the world, and of course, thoughtful safety education throughout your trip, you’ll be as safe as can be.

Farringdon Jets will pick you up in a private jet charter, deliver you to your dream location such as Iceland, Sweden, or Svalbard, and send you out to see untouched parts of the world. The choice is yours, but if you’re asking our opinion, we say go for it.


The adventure awaits; all you have to do is decide to take the plunge and we’ll do the rest.


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