Group Airliner Charter

What is a group airliner charter, how you can book a group airliner charter, and what is needed to get an airliner charter in the air.

What is a private group airliner charter?

A group charter is when an airliner is used to transport larger groups of 10 – 200+ people privately. Typically this will be in the kinds of aircraft commonly seen in use by commercial airline companies.

There are many different occasions when airliners are used for group charters and these can often cross over into other categories of air charter.

Some of the benefits of a group airliner charter are:

    • Complete flexibility – Dictate your departure / arrival times and airport, with the ability to change plans with short notice.
    • Security and safety – Reduce contact points by going through private terminals as opposed to commercial airports.
    • Time efficiency – No need to get to the airport 2- 3 hours before your flight. Arrive just minutes before your departure time.
    • Relaxed luggage guidelines – Ideal for transporting specialist and/or valuable equipment. Make sure your equipment is flown with you and treated with care.
    • Privacy – Be able to continue with work meetings and discuss sensitive information without the fear of being overheard.
    • Cost effective – Chartering an aircraft can often be more cost effective than buying a number of seats commercially.

Corporate travel & business trip

When a group of employees need to attend a meeting, conference or any business trip in another part of the country or even overseas, chartering an airliner may be more cost and time efficient.

Film crews and production crews

When it’s necessary to transport whole production teams along with large and valuable equipment to filming locations, no matter how remote, a group charter may be your best option.

VIP airliners

The ultimate luxury for individuals who want to fly in complete opulence. VIP airliners can be fitted with entertainment spaces, bedrooms, meeting rooms, and more.

Sporting teams

Transport entire sporting teams and equipment with ease, with more than enough flexibility when it comes to weighty equipment.

Oil & Gas / Mining

Due to the remote locations of many oil rigs and mines, private charter can often be the best way to rotate crew, transport equipment and bring in VIPs.


When travelling with a road team, a group charter can keep everyone safe and punctual by sticking together, all while keeping costs lower than trying to secure multiple seats on commercial flights.


Airliners can be a life saver in the case of an emergency when large groups need to be evacuated and can’t rely on commercial aviation.

School and university trips

For school and university trips, whether they be educational or celebratory, group charters can provide higher levels of control over privacy and security.

Family reunions 

Planning a getaway with the siblings, in-laws, aunts and uncles? Have everyone arrive and depart at the same time with a charter.

Government campaigns 

Ensure the necessary privacy, security and schedule efficiency when transporting government officials and support teams.

Destination weddings

Take the stress out of your big day and start the celebration early by having your list of attendees fly in one big group to your wedding destination.

Religious conventions

When the special occasion calls for your congregation to attend a religious event such as a convention or pilgrimage.


We have access to a network of over 10,000 aircraft globally. Below are examples of some of the airliners you can charter for group travel.

Airbus 319

  • Passengers: 156
  • Cruising Speed: 829 km/h
  • Range: 3,700 NM
  • Operating Cost: $6,926

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  • Passengers: 296
  • Cruising Speed: 903 km/h
  • Range: 7,355NM
  • Operating Cost: $10,197

Bombardier Dash 8 Series 400

  • Passengers: 68
  • Cruising Speed: 667 km/h
  • Range: 1,102NM
  • Operating Cost: $3,566

Saab 340

  • Passengers: 34
  • Cruising Speed: 502 km/h
  • Range: 785NM
  • Operating Cost: $2,100

Embraer 135 Shuttle

  • Passengers: 37
  • Cruising Speed: 833 km/h
  • Range: 1,700nm
  • Operating Cost: $2,914


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