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Government Officials Private Jet Charter

How we assist government officials travel quickly and securely with private jet charters.

It is no secret that government officials have some of the most demanding schedules when it comes to national and international engagements. In order to meet these tight schedules it may be necessary to fly privately, whether it be by helicopter, turbo-prop or jet, and we are at hand to arrange the charter in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

We can work in with government officials in the following capacities plus more:

We will be able to source the ideal type of aircraft for the mission at hand, whether it be for cargo transportation, medivac, mass passenger transport, or comfort. Knowing that a lot of government officials need to work while in flight we will ensure that the aircraft are equipped with wifi and work spaces for continuity. We can also work to only provide flight crew with enhanced background checks when necessary.

As we are aware that time is of the essence with most government flights, we work to find the closest airports, airfields and helipads to the required destinations to cut down travel time.

How we manage security detail for government officials

Security and safety are our top priorities when dealing with any client, let alone government officials. Apart from being able to provide flight crew that have undergone enhanced security checks, we can also provide extra security on the ground where necessary. By utilising our global network of security partners and working in tandem with our clients’ existing security detail we can make certain that the mission goes as smoothly as possible.

Do we offer secure ground transportation during a trip?

Secure ground transportation is often necessary for government officials and for the transportation of precious cargo to and from the aircraft. We work with local drivers, usually individuals who have a military or law enforcement background and are trained in close protection and licensed to carry firearms.

Get a government official jet charter quote

If you would like us to provide you with a quote for a government official or organization, please fill out the form below with all of your requirements and one of our air charter specialists will be in contact shortly.


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