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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from new clients. We have split them into categories to help you find the answers you are looking for
Ahead of your flight

Yes, you do have to go through security in the FBO (private terminal). It will be a much quicker process taking just minutes as you and your luggage are scanned. You will also see you have far fewer restrictions such as being able to take liquids onboard.

In most cases this will not be an issue. The crew and aircraft usually have leeway for changes in departure time by a few hours earlier or later than the originally scheduled time. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible to make the necessary changes.

We recommend getting to the private terminal no less than 15 minutes before your flight.

Yes you can. This is usually not a problem as long as the extra passenger and their luggage fits within the aircrafts weight limit and the and the passenger meets the immigration requirements. To avoid any delays we always recommend letting us know of passenger additions as soon as possible.


Flying on a private charter allows you a lot more flexibility with what items you are allowed to fly with, such as sporting equipment, musical equipment, and other heavy, large or fragile items. The main restriction would lie with any items that are illegal to own and to transport. However, if you are flying with a particular heavy, large or fragile item, please give your air charter specialist advanced notice so they can find the most suitable aircraft.

Generally you can take a lot more luggage on a private jet than you can take on a commercial flight, with fewer restrictions on the type of luggage. Here is a rough guideline on the amount of pieces you can take on an aircraft depending on size:

  • Light Jet: Holds approximately 5 to 6 pieces of luggage
  • Mid Size Jet: Holds approximately 7 to 8 pieces of luggage
  • Super-Mid Size Jet: Holds approximately 9 to 10 pieces of luggage
  • Large Jet: Holds approximately 11 to 15 pieces of luggage
Booking process

The more information you can provide, the better. This way not can we only provide you with a quote, but also the best aircraft and service. As a minimum we require:

  • Travel dates and times
  • Departure and destination cities
  • Number of passengers

You can request a quick quote from us here.

Once you accept the quote, the owner of the aircraft will be contacted to approve or decline the trip before proceeding with the charter.

Depending on availability we can book an emergency flight for you within minutes if you have missed your commercial flight.


We always endeavour to contact you within 30 minutes of submitting a quote request during business hours but we often get in contact much sooner.

A charter agreement outlines the terms that govern your charter, such as; flight details, cancelation policy, additional services etc. The agreement is attached to your quote and can be signed via Docusign or signed and scanned to us when you decide to move forward with your quote.

Private jet charter quotes are usually valid for a matter of days depending on the operator. You will see that exact length of validity on your quote when you receive it. It is also important to note that the aircraft will not be reserved until payment has cleared.

We can get a charter arranged with crew on the tarmac, ready to fly in as a little as a few hours; this is very common in emergency charters. However this all depends on cleared payment from the client and aircraft availability. Clients who foresee the need for short notice flights are able to qualify for a jet card with preloaded funds.


Yes you can, you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages onboard.

The simple answer is, whatever you like! We will go above and beyond to make sure that you have your desired meals, drinks and snacks onboard for your flight. Whether that be a fine meal prepared by a chef or a take away from your favourite fast food restaurant, we can make it happen.


The cabins are thoroughly sterilised between flights. All crew are vaccinated and wear masks when coming in contact with passengers.


Yes, you can fly without a vaccine as long as the destination of your flight does not have vaccine restrictions on new arrivals.


Yes, if you are flying internationally. A government issued ID is usually sufficient if flying nationally. All of the necessary travel documents required by the country you are travelling to are needed regardless of if you are flying aboard a private or commercial aircraft. We will advise you of all required documents before your flight.

Empty leg

We try our best to modify an empty leg for you, this could be by changing either the date of an existing empty leg or rerouting one to make extra stops to accommodate your journey.

Empty legs are confirmed 24-48 hours before departure as the offer is dependent on the aircraft needing to be repositioned. You do not need to pay for the empty leg until it is ready to be confirmed.

In this case will we speak to our network of operators to arrange a charter to secure the best price for you.

This when an empty leg makes an additional stop on its route to pick you up or drop you off.

An empty leg flight is when an aircraft is scheduled to fly without passengers, usually because it needs to be repositioned. Due to this need flights are often offered on a discount to any passengers willing to fly. You can find out more about empty leg flights here.

Empty legs tend not to stay available for very long, the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe for empty leg notifications.

Empty legs tend to be priced lower because the aircraft’s need to be repositioned means that the route wil be flown empty unless someone takes the empty leg offer.

With an empty leg charter you have less flexibility on departure dates, times, and route. This is all reflected in the pricing of an empty leg.


We can be sure to provide you with a wifi enabled aircraft if requested.

We have access to a global fleet of over 10,000 aircraft. This fleet includes everything from helicopters, turboprops, jets and airliners. For both passengers and cargo. More information can be found on our fleet page


Yes, air travel is one of the safest ways to fly. At Farringdon Jets we insure that the aircraft we offer our clients are among the best in the industry. Not only that, we make sure that the crew provided have all of the necessary ratings and experience to make sure our clients are in safe hands throughout their journey.

The cost of flying privately can differ greatly depending on the size of the aircraft, origin of the flight, destination and many more factors. The best way for us to provide you with a price is by filling out a quote form with your flight specifics.


Payment is due upon accepting the quote, your jet will be confirmed once full payment is received. More information on the process can be found here.

We accept all major cards along with wire transfers to secure your charter. More information can be found on our payments page.


Yes, pets can fly on a private jet, please let us know at the time of booking so we can select the best aircraft for you and your pet to feel comfortable. You can find out more on our pet-friendly charters page.

Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter
Private terminal

Yes, however going through customs and immigration in a private terminal is expedited and usually just takes a few minutes from start to finish.