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What is a wedding jet charter, how you can book a wedding jet charter, and what is needed to get a wedding jet charter in the air.

What is a destination wedding jet charter?

A destination wedding jet charter is when a client decides to host their ceremony away from their city or country of residence and would like to look at a special yet efficient way to transport their guests.

We see clients looking to transport only themselves with perhaps their bridal team and groomsmen in luxury standard private jets, to clients chartering complete airliners to bring hundreds of guests to their wedding destination.

Some of the benefits of chartering an aircraft for destination weddings include:

Whatever your needs for arranging a destination wedding charter, our air charter specialists can work hand in hand with your wedding planner to make sure your flight fits smoothly with the schedule of your big day.

What services are offered with a destination wedding jet charter?

We can pull out all the bells and whistles for your wedding jet charter to make sure every step of the journey is memorable and add to the overall experience of the occasion.

Firstly we can have you and your guests chauffeured from your residences to the private terminal, with special hors d’oeuvres and beverages at hand.

Your aircraft can be decorated for the occasion, with any additional inflight catering and entertainment pre arranged especially for you.

Once you arrive at your destination we will have either a ground or helicopter transfer waiting to take you to your accommodation ahead of the wedding.

How much does a destination wedding jet charter cost?

Just as with any air charter, the cost can depend on a range of factors including:

Our team will do what we do best, which is sourcing the most suitable aircraft for your mission at the best possible price.

How to book a destination wedding jet charter?

Booking a destination wedding jet charter is as simple as filling out our private jet charter quote form below and one of our Air Charter Specialists will get back to you with a quote.


We want to make payments as simple as possible.We accept most traditional online payments methods and banking services.

All invoices are issued in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD or CAD.