8 Benefits of Crowdfunding Private Flights

A trip on a private jet has long been an aspirational goal for many – but one that is often out of reach because of the costs that come with chartering your own plane. However, in the wake of a number of market innovations in recent times, consumers have woken up to the magic of crowdfunding as a way to split the cost and the risk – to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible without group buy-in. This concept is now coming to flights.

The idea is that the cost of a private jet flight is split between multiple passengers, rather than falling on one individual, giving all those passengers experiences they will never forget. Whether it’s for business purposes or to get to a special occasion, a large sporting event, or just to tick it off the bucket list – crowdfunding private jet flights is here to stay. The NBAA reported that the business jet industry has skyrocketed in the last decade, to an estimated $150bn total market size.  And now you can be a part of that.

Here are 8 key benefits to crowdfunding private jet flights:

1. Avoid all the hassles that comes with flying commercially.

We all know the tedious process that comes with flying on a commercial plane. You’re herded like cattle through various administrative and security checks along with tens of thousands of other people. You don’t have a choice as to who you’re seated next to. You’re squashed into uncomfortable seats. Your luggage fights for limited space with lots of other passengers. These are just a few of the frustrations that come with commercial flights.

When you crowdfund a private jet flight, you avoid all of this and the experience becomes infinitely more enjoyable. It’s hard to explain just how much it differs from a commercial flight until you give it a go. It’s an experience that speaks for itself.

2. Reduced contact with other people.

When you’re crowdfunding a private flight, your contact with other people is significantly reduced compared to a normal commercial flight. Instead of crossing paths with thousands of other people in airport terminals, check-in halls, waiting areas, and the flight itself – a private flight reduces that to a handful of people from start to finish. This is extremely beneficial for hygiene purposes and also in times like these, to avoid risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

3. You save time on both ends of your journey.

Building on the point above, because you aren’t going through the time-consuming onboarding and deboarding processes – you end up saving a lot of time on both sides of the equation. In most cases you can arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time and can exit the plane immediately on landing. This really adds up – especially if you organize a private chauffeur at your destination which can whisk you away before your shoes have even touched ground.

4. Plenty of space for luggage – fewer restrictions

Private flights aren’t trying to maximize the number of seats and so you don’t have that strong incentive to force passengers to pack as lightly as possible. As a result, the luggage guidelines are much more flexible that on a traditional commercial flight and vary depending on the private jet itself and the number of passengers. It’s safe to say though that you’ll have more space than you would normally, and easier access to your luggage at the end of it all.  It’s a game changer.

5. Enhanced privacy and anonymity.

When you’re flying privately and chartering a whole plane, you are assured of complete anonymity and privacy if you so choose. This is important for a wide range of use cases and is one of the main reasons that people turn to private flights.  In a world where so much of our personal information is trackable, it can be hard to travel without giving a lot of that up. Crowdfunding private flights doesn’t give you full privacy of course, but it still gives you much more privacy and anonymity than could be achieved through normal commercial channels because your group remains outside of the traditional travel system. Your privacy is our utmost concern and we’ll do everything we can to maintain it.

6. A world-class service experience, better even than first-class on a commercial airline.

The premium price comes with premium level service – and that’s one of the most exciting benefits of a crowdfunded private flight.  You’ll be treated like a real VIP and not just another number taking up space on a commercial flight. Because there are so many fewer people on the flight, and it’s a premium price – you’ll receive personalized attention to keep you as comfortable, well-fed and satisfied as is possible. With any luck, you’ll barely realise you’re in the air at all – but could forgive yourself for thinking you’re in a luxury hotel. The service experience is one of the tangible memories that you’ll take with you as you depart – it’s not something you’ll forget for a while.

7. Once-in-a-lifetime experience to share with others.

Tying it all together, an experience like this is unique and is a wonderful story to share with friends and family. As a society we are starting to shift from pure materialism to an understanding that the quality of your experiences will determine the quality of your life – and a crowdfunded private flight is a great example of this. This sort of experience is incredibly thrilling in its own way and forms the perfect starting point for a new adventure wherever it is that you’re flying to. Tack onto that the ability to crowdfund this with friends and family, or even just some like-minded soon-to-be friends and you’ve got yourself a story you’ll be telling for years to come.

8. We can’t forget – that Instagram picture.

We simply cannot finish this article without talking about the elephant in the room – getting that Instagram photo to treasure on your feed. There’s something about the luxury nature of these sorts of journeys that just call out for a few well-taken portraits to memorialize the trip and share with others. Crowdfunding makes this possible by bringing the cost down for you as an individual while still giving you the experience that keeps on giving. You’ll be making everyone else envious, trust us.

So, there you have it. Crowdfunding private jet flights is an exciting new avenue for the industry and for us here at Farringdon Jets. We are passionate about providing the highest quality private jet flights for our clients and when it comes to crowdfunding, we make no exception. You can be assured that the whole experience will be seamless and polished from start to finish, leaving you with something that will redefine how you think about private transport.

Speak to us today if you’d like to enquire about crowdfunding options with Farringdon Jets.

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