2021 Private Jet Trends & Statistics Report

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the private aviation industry rapidly in 2020 which meant that this past year saw huge shifts in how the business operated. We took a look at what has become the norm in a post Covid-19 world, and just how jet charter companies adapted during times of uncertainty and high demand.

The private jet market is still surging here at the start of 2022 and with Covid-19 measures getting stricter in many places, the demand is going to stay high. Here at Farringdon Jets, we’re also seeing a growing demand for our speciality, and that is private security requests. We think this will be a very strong factor with UHNW clients flying in 2022 and beyond, especially in our main Latin America operating areas.


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How The Metaverse Will Change Private Aviation As We Know It

Although the concept of a ‘Metaverse’ has been discussed at least since the 1990s, since Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October 2021 that Facebook would be rebranded as “Meta”, the term has become a major buzzword not just in tech but throughout a range of industries as the concept takes further steps towards becoming a reality.

We have seen headlines from major publications in recent weeks that show individuals spending small fortunes on items that only exist within the metaverse. For example, a whopping $100 million worth of land was sold in the week of November 22nd through to November 28th and a mega yacht was sold for $650,000 that same week, all in the Metaverse. It is clear that this is just a taster of what is yet to come.


What is the Metaverse and why is everyone speaking about it?

In layman’s terms the Metaverse is essentially the next generation of the internet, which will allow us to interact with each other, each represented as avatars, multidimensionally in a virtual world via the use of virtual reality and augmented reality accessories.

Augmented reality tech allows us to project and interact with parts of the virtual world in real life. This will bring a stronger sense of closeness than we already have using the internet as we currently know it. It will completely change how we exercise, gaming, business, trade and more!

If you have paid any attention to tech in recent years, you may be thinking that this all sounds familiar and already exists, so why all of the media buzz now? Augmented reality and virtual reality have for some time been easily accessible and commonly used, mostly in video games. Other current applications include online business meetings, virtually led workouts, or buying land in virtual worlds. However, the main difference between the Metaverse in discussion and what is already commonly in use is that the Metaverse will not be owned and centralised by one company, meaning anything you buy or own in one space can be used in another.

A couple of examples of this are:

  1. If you were to buy your avatar a jersey of your favourite football team, that jersey can be worn and is visible whether you are playing a video game, going to a virtual concert, in a business meeting, or doing a workout.
  2. If you buy a piece of land, this can be used as the set of a video game, the location of an art exhibition, a yoga studio or a location for a convention, all of which can generate an income.

How will the Metaverse change private aviation?

There are some obvious effects that the Metaverse is likely to have on aviation, especially private aviation. There is likely to be reduced demand for business flights if a realistic, interactive and engaging alternative to business meetings is possible through the Metaverse.

However, we want to focus on how Farringdon Jets will use the Metaverse to complement the experience we offer clients.

A virtual tour of your proposed aircraft and vacation

If you are trying to make a decision on what jet to use, what villa to stay in or what excursions to go on, why not have a realistic walk around and sample the options without having to leave the comfort of your living room?

Being joined from a distance

We have all experienced not being able to make a certain trip or having a loved one not being able to join us due to scheduling conflicts or some other obstacle. No matter how far technology advances, it is very unlikely that anything will ever beat the experience of being there in person. However, with the use of VR and AR we can have a family member or friend join us virtually in a much more interactive way than just joining us via video call.

Inflight entertainment & aerophobia control

The industry has been keeping up with technology to keep passengers entertained in flight, utilizing movies, TV shows, gaming, onboard WiFi, etc. Now the Metaverse will open up a new world of possibilities. The immersive experience of the Metaverse can even be used to ease aerophobia by allowing the passenger to completely disconnect from the idea that they are in the air.

Last word

The Metaverse is still in its early days, as companies like Facebook (now Meta), Microsoft and Playstation all play their part in developing the Metaverse and making it more accessible to us all. As it grows, we will see an increase in opportunities available and ideas we can adapt to the private aviation space.

If you are looking to book a private jet or luxury vacation with a technology minded company, then Farringdon Jets is here to help.  We pride ourselves on the safest and most discreet private jet transport, security services and additional value-adding options for our clients.  We are passionate about making every step of the process seamless and ensuring that you get the very best out of your vacation experience.  Our personal touch sets us apart from the rest and we’re very excited to provide our service to let you experience for yourself what we know will be an unforgettable experience.