A Not So Dark Winter Press Release

Farringdon Jets’ “Not so dark winter getaway” gives travelers a chance to escape the cold season and enjoy a premier holiday experience in the warmth of Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the vacation package, seven people are treated to a remote villa in Cabo featuring daily house cleaning services, concierge service, and a chef. The villas also have a pool, tennis court, and other activities.

The trip will also give travelers access to a superyacht. The superyacht has snorkeling gear and has access to jet skis, kayaks, and sea scooters so visitors can explore the blue waters in comfort. The yacht is always ready with the best bars and private chefs so travelers can experience the elegance they’re accustomed to as they sail the waters.

As winter is fast approaching, many people are trying to escape the cold days. Farringdon Jets is ready to meet people’s needs for warmer holidays in the tropics. They will allow people to skip out on the scarfs, mittens, and heavy coats and instead sit by the bar and finest wine while soaking in the sunshine in the ideal luxury travel package.

Farringdon Jets also meets people’s need for safer travel during holiday times. Airports are typically more packed during the holiday season, and in a time when Covid-19 is still prevalent, it is good to travel safely, and that’s where Farringdon Jets comes in. They allow people to travel in a small group at their convenience to a villa that ensures that all staff, guests, and partners are fully vaccinated.

Farringdon Jets, a UK-based company, is more than equipped with the experience and the professionalism to provide travelers with an amazing getaway experience.

The package is currently specific within Cabo, but if clients have another location they want to enjoy in the Latin American and Caribbean region, Farringdon Jets will replicate the experience in that area.

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