Your 5-star Travel Experience Awaits: Aruba


Aruba is one of those islands that seems to have perfect weather all the time. A tranquil setting in the South Caribbean, it’s situated outside of the hurricane belt and boasts the least rainfall of any island in the region. It’s synonymous with sun, sand and a wide range of extravagant culinary experiences. You won’t find many better spots for a real escape. The people on the island are friendly, welcoming and culturally fascinating – promising a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Here are some of our tips for how to make the most of your visit:


You’ll find a vast array of different options when it comes to accommodation but for the very best, you’ll want to pick one of the luxury resorts on the North-West coast of the Island. Here you’ll find exquisite sea views combined with world-class service, entertainment and activities that will satisfy every whim and craving from your vacation. If you’re travelling with a partner then we’d recommend ‘Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort’, widely renowned as one of the best hotels in the whole of the Caribbean and a world leader when it comes to romantic getaways. If you’re on your own, then you wouldn’t go wrong with the ‘Ritz-Carlton Aruba’. They manage to curate a secluded, exclusive experience for guests even with the island’s busiest beach right outside the doorstep. As a patron, you’ll get the best of both worlds.



There is plenty to do while you’re in Aruba. Of course, the beaches are a major highlight and are often a mainstay for visitors, but if you’re up for some exploring – there are some incredible coves that hide away from sight and beg for you to discover them. This is to say nothing about the caves and other natural wonders that will show you just how far removed you are from the concrete jungle.

If you’re looking to get out onto the water, you’ll find an embarrassment of riches. Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing, water skiing, boating or fishing – the island will have you covered. If it’s adrenaline you seek, look no further.

Once the sun has set on your perfect day, a vibrant and enchanting nightlife scene awaits you with some of the best beachfront lounges, Caribbean nightclubs and casino experiences that money can buy. The energy is contagious and builds to a fever pitch that few forget.



From a cultural perspective, Aruba is known for its visual art – a cornucopia of creativity just inland from the beach areas. The street art alone is worth its weight in gold and if you choose to engage with some of the history and the music of the island, you’ll find a rabbit hole that delivers you to a much richer and deeper understanding of what makes this island so special. We can’t recommend highly enough a visit to San Nicolas, the cultural capital of the island, to bask in the artistic talents who use their skills to adorn every surface imaginable with visions from another world.



Because of the near-perfect weather, there isn’t really a bad time to visit the island. However, if you’re looking for a quieter experience then you might want to aim for somewhere between April and August. If you’re looking for the beautiful chaos of the island at its full capacity, then January to March is when you should head across. You’ll also have a chance to catch the famous Carnival if you go during this time.


There are a lot of fantastic options for fine dining in Aruba with some of the very best being beachfront restaurants that will give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Our personal favourite is ‘Elements’, a restaurant on Palm-Eagle beach that is famous for its exquisite seafood – especially the crab dishes. Pair that with a wine from their seemingly never-ending cellar and you might just find yourself going back again and again.

If you’d rather have some privacy, we can organise a private chef to prepare a vast selection of meals for your enjoyment to be delivered to you in your resort of choice – affording you the chance to taste the Caribbean delights in the comfort of your own space.



Safety is our number one priority and many of our guests make use of private security services that we can arrange while on the island. The peace of mind, knowing that this is all taken care of, will give you the mental space to fully unwind and bask in Aruba’s magic. We take very seriously your privacy and security and pride ourselves on our discreteness and professionalism.


The island is full of attractions from coast to coast so getting around is an important component. We can assist with discrete, private chauffeured travel by luxury car – whenever and wherever you need it. We’ll make sure to pair you with an experienced driver who knows Aruba backward and forward, giving you even deeper insights into the island and allowing you to explore in a way that most people never get to experience.

If Aruba tickles your fancy, then Farringdon Jets is here to help. We pride ourselves on the safest and most discrete private jet transport, security services and additional value-adding options for our clients. We are passionate about making every step of the process seamless and ensuring that you get the very best out of your vacation experience. You won’t regret partnering with us and visiting the golden beaches of Aruba – it’s unlike anywhere else in the world and we just can’t wait to share it with you.

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