The Importance of an Armored Vehicle in Mexico

The Importance of an Armored Vehicle in Mexico

There are several benefits to using an armored vehicle when traveling through any part of Mexico, particularly for affluent individuals and groups who may be at higher risk of being targeted due to their public persona or the nature of their work.


One of the main benefits of an armored vehicle in Mexico is increased safety and protection against potential threats. Through many states of Mexico the USA travel advisory along with other governments’ travel advisories warns travelers of the risk of crime and kidnapping.

Armored vehicles are designed to withstand bullets and explosives, and they can provide a secure and safe environment for their occupants in the event of an attack or other emergency. This is particularly important in a country like Mexico, where crime and violence are often of particular concern to affluent travelers. Armored vehicles are equipped with reinforced bodies and bullet-resistant glass, which can help protect against potential threats and provide a sense of security for their occupants.


In addition to increased safety and protection, armored vehicles can also provide a level of privacy and exclusivity for their occupants. Most clients opt to use discreet but comfortable armored vehicles, this can help the occupants avoid the attention of the media or other unwanted attention.


At Farringdon Jets we always opt to use local drivers who possess the skillset, qualifications, and current local knowledge to handle the vehicle and its occupants with care and precision through a range of security situations that may arise. Our drivers tend to be ex-military or police and have undergone a thorough background check to ensure our clients are in safe hands with the utmost discretion always being observed.


Overall, using an armored vehicle in Mexico can offer a number of advantages, such as improved safety and protection, the ability to go across difficult or dangerous terrain with more confidence and security, and a feeling of privacy and exclusivity.

If you would like to book an armored vehicle with a highly skilled chauffeur who doubles as a close protection officer to provide bodyguard services, Farringdon Jets and our specialized partners are at hand, you can contact us for a quote here.

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