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Quarantine Cuisine from around the globe

Are you stuck in a long quarantine and missing out on the delicious delicacies that the world has to offer? Not to worry, Farringdon Jets will help satisfy your cravings by bringing your desired dish from your favourite place on earth directly to you within 48 hours to make your quarantine a tad bit more delightful.

There is no need to feel guilty trying to justify high charter costs or unnecessary emissions just to satisfy your appetite. We will bring you your meal by piggybacking on our global network of jet charters flying across the globe, so the aircraft that your food will be transported on will be a pre-booked charter that would be flying regardless. Our concierge team will manage the transport of your meal from the chef to the aircraft, then from the aircraft to your front door.

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What are you longing for? Pastries from your favourite bakery in France? Fresh sushi from a world renowned restaurant in Tokyo? The finest wine from an Argentinian vineyard? Or even your grandmother’s home cooked Sancocho from Medellin? Leave it with us and we will handle the logistics.