A Mexico Luxury Vacation Unlike Any Other

We’ve just launched a new luxury vacation experience in Mexico that takes you and up to 7 guests into complete and luxurious isolation for one month. While travel has been ramping up across the globe, we have a lot of clients looking to get away from their “new normal” and enjoy a sunny beach vacation somewhere hot during the winter.

For an entire month, you and your loved ones can enjoy half the time inside one of the most incredible luxury villas in Mexico, far away from the crowded beaches and packed tourist spots. We’ve assembled a small staff and crew, fully tested, vaccinated and ready to stay in isolation with you as you enjoy a bit of normality.

The first two weeks will be spent inside an incredible luxury villa where you\’ll be able to work and play, enjoy your private beach and enjoy a bit of mental regeneration. The next two weeks will be spent sailing the open sea onboard one of the finest superyachts in Mexico, allowing you to get out of the house so to speak.

Throughout your experience, you will have incredible food, downtime and relaxation, peace of mind and most important of all a bit of fun. Let us take care of every detail, from private transportation at your doorstep, to secure helicopter transfers to and from your villa and superyacht.

Read more here: A No So Dark Winter

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