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Privatus Club and Farringdon Jets team up to offer some of the world’s most luxurious bespoke golfing vacations.

Golf is a sport of luxury; lush courses, brilliant water features, and impeccable service help ensure that golfers of all ages get to experience the magic of the sport. Now, Privatus Club and Farringdon Jets are taking luxury golfing tours one step further. With each thoughtfully designed multi-course golf trip, you and the whole family will travel in style, be treated like royalty, and of course, get to try your hand at some of the world’s most renowned golf courses.

Our bespoke golf vacation packages feature plenty of gameplay while still offering families the chance to relax at their 5-star accommodation and explore the sights in the area. When it’s time to move to the next course, state of the art helicopters or private jets will swoop in to bring you to your next destination with ease. Along the way, you will have access to private coaching with Chris Game from Privatus, including write-ups and video analysis so you can continue refining your game for as long as you’d like.

Bespoke Golfing Vacations
Tailor Each Golf Package Seamlessly

We firmly believe that it’s our job to make your wildest golf trip dreams come true, so we are committed to tailoring each golf package to fit specific customer desires. The sky is the limit, and we love a good challenge; don’t be afraid to throw a unique course route at us or ask for a special request. Our bespoke golfing tours are a new way for families to connect, create memories, and see the world, and we’re just glad we get to play a part in making the experiences come to life.

South American Golf Courses
São Paulo – 2 Courses
Buenos Aires – 2 Courses
Rio de Janeiro – 2 Courses
Costa Rica & Nicaragua – 2 Courses
Caribbean Golf Courses
Barbados – 3 courses
Bahamas – 3 courses
Puerto Rico – 4 courses
Dominican Republic – 3 courses
St Vincent & Grenadines – 1 course
Bermuda – 3 courses

Making the decision to go is the hardest part of this whole process. Once you’ve decided to indulge in a luxury golf trip for the whole family, all you have to do is let our team know and we’ll coordinate the rest. You’ll experience the best accommodations around the world, unmatched service from our teams, and of course, incredible golfing tours through and through. We can’t wait to build you a custom golf vacation.


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