Emergency Jet Charter

What is an emergency jet charter, how you can book an emergency charter, and what is needed to get an emergency charter in the air.

What is an Emergency Jet Charter?

Jet charters are becoming increasingly popular these days. Chartering an aircraft for leisure & business purposes with anticipation is one thing, but finding a jet charter in the time of an emergency is a whole different scenario. Emergencies, especially medical ones, can necessitate urgent movement. An emergency jet charter allows you to hire a private aircraft with very little prep time. When you need to schedule a flight we can help you to decide on the best aircraft, departure/arrival location and the time to suit your mission.

Emergency jet charters may be the only option when patients cannot fly with commercial airlines due to certain medical conditions, equipment requirements or for unexpected calamities which require rapid responses. Some of the most common reasons for emergency jet charters include evacuations, delivery of critical supplies, search & rescue and the need of an air ambulance.

How Fast Can We Get You Up in the Air?

When arranging an emergency jet charter we are accustomed to working within tight time restraints and under high pressure, our operators have flight crew and aircraft ready to go at short notice. From the point of cleared payment, you can expect to be in the air in 1 – 3 hours. This 3 hour time period is far less than the usual 12 hours that most operators request to set up as a normal charter.

Although we can set up an emergency charter based on a quote form, we strongly recommend calling our team in a situation when time is of the essence. This way we can be sure to fully understand the intricacies of the situation and see how we can best support you.

What Situations Are Needed For an Emergency Jet Charter?

  • Medivac – In the case of a medical emergency when access by land for the first responders is challenging. 
  • Air Ambulance – A bed to bed service for patients with medical conditions that cannot fly commercially due to the need of special equipment or care. 
  • Evacuations and repatriations – Following a natural disaster, commercial flight restrictions or a security threat, we can provide transport back home or to safety.
  • Relief and vital supplies – During the time of a humanitarian crisis we can source aircrafts and specialist crew to provide relief.
  • Search and Rescue – When extra air support is needed to bring home, find and/or bring home a missing or stranded loved one.
  • Casket remains & Organ transport – This is more of a niche service in the market and can tie into Air Ambulance services.

How Much is an Emergency Jet Charter?

Just like hiring an aircraft for business or leisure an emergency jet charter’s cost depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Departure and arrival airport
  • Aircraft size
  • Flight time

However you also need to consider the cost of a specialist personal that may be necessary for your mission, e.g. medical staff.

Although we work against the clock, we always aim to provide the best priced resources to complete the mission in the most cost effective way. However we do know that having patient stability equipment for providing relief to someone with a medical emergency or an imminent surgery is priceless.

Get an Emergency Jet Charter Quote

We will always prioritize providing a quote and scheduling a flight for any case of an emergency. As there are usually precise details that will be needed that can often be missed off of a quote form, we always recommend calling our team straight after submitting a form or being prepared to receive a call from a member of our team.